- is a small and quiet fishing village situated at the Gulf of Mexico. There are small stores to buy the essentials in and some restaurants serving fresh seafood, grilled chicken and more.

A fantastic area to wind down, enjoy the warmth, swim in the beautiful sea or go for long walks along the beach.

The coastline from Porgreso to Chuburna is completely untouched and you see very little to tourists and commerce.

In Chuburna there are two small churches and a school, and if you are lucky you may see the schoolchildren preform with dancing and music in the square. No time to celebrate is wasted in Mexico.


- is our nearest town and is 20 minutes drive from our house. The city is still very Mexican and have a long nice esplanade with lots of shopping and restaurants. Two times a week the cruise ships arrive to Progresso and during these days the town is filled with Mexican handicrafts sold from small stands both in the village and along the boardwalk.

You'll also find small shops where you can buy everything from food and vegetables to shoes, necklaces and Mexican handicrafts and at cheap prices.


-is a city we love. It is the capital of the Mexican state of Yucatan and the largest city of the Yucatan Penisula. The city has  Mayan, French and British influences. H
ere you will find both shopping, great restaurants and classic handmade products from the Mexican countryside.

There are often concerts and acting at the streets, please visit  Yucuatantoday for more information.


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